Mike Tyson VS Roy Jones Jr Upcoming Fight

We’re reviving that nostalgic ring feeling as we await the highly anticipated fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Tyson, now 54, is heading back inside the boxing ring for an exhibition match after many years. The former heavyweight champion in the world will be taking on the former four-division champion Jones on Sunday, 29 November at 4:00am CET.

Tyson VS Jones Jr

Tyson is well known for making history as a heavyweight’s champion, mastering the ring in the division throughout the late 1980s. He is known for becoming the youngest champion in the world with unbeatable power punches that led him to a record of 37-0. This was before he participated in one of the greyest days in his history when he was knocked out by James Douglas in 1990.

Roy Jones Jr was named by Ring Magazine as the best boxer of the 1990s. During his best performances, Jones was able to show an incredible mix of power, speed and defence technique. He later won the middleweight, super weight, light weight world championship, as well as heavyweight in historical accomplishment. Eventually, after an almost perfect record in his first 50 flights in his boxing career, Jones Jr was disqualified against Montell Griffin that was retaliated in less than one round in the rematch.

When is the Mike Tyson VS Roy Jones Jr fight?

The fight will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on the 29 November. The fight was originally planned to take place on 12 September, but due to circumstances it was postponed.

The undercard is expected to start at 2:00am CET and the main event will follow at 4:00am CET.

What are the rules of the fight?

The two stars will perform in the ring in eight, two-minute rounds, with Youtube star Jake Paul and NBA star Nate Robinson as the undercard.

Neither Tyson nor Jones Jr will be wearing headguards, but they will be wearing larger 12-ounce gloves. There will be no judges present to score the fight. The California State Commission stated that this will be an exhibition fight, fought under the rules that both Tyson and Jones Jr will not knock-out the other, but will instead show-off their skills. However, both stars have claimed the contrary on social media.

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