Betsson Jackpots wins app of the year

Betsson is proud to announce that its innovative jackpot app was recognised twice at the 9th International Gaming Awards (IGA) ceremony in London and brought home two top-prizes: App of the Year and Best Slots Game App.

Betsson had a team in place to accept the awards in London and to celebrate the success of the Betsson Jackpots app, currently available on iPhones and iPads, but bringing the one app to the masses wasn’t always easy. Find out how the fellowship of the app brought this must-have tool for jackpot hunters into this world.

“When we released the app on March 9 this year (2016), it took less than 24 hours and it was the number one downloaded app in the app store in Sweden. I think it was the same in the casino category in the app stores in Norway and Finland too,” Richard Smith, Commercial Mobile Manager, said.

Since then, Betsson Jackpots has been downloaded by thousands of customers, many of whom contributed their ideas for features of the precious app, which has now gone and won App of the Year and Best Slots Game App. It was also nominated in the Best App Design category.

Customers at heart

“Here at Betsson we keep our customers at heart, and we listened to what they wanted. One of the things was more updates and info on jackpots,” Smith said.

Said and done. Developers and designers fired up the forge. They brought out their hammers, tongs, and wrenches and pummelled the anvil day and night. And from the fiery depths of their dungeon, the Betsson Jackpot App was forged. One app to rule all jackpots. 

Still, it was well worth the effort. Betsson Jackpot app has managed to put all jackpot games in one place and made it really easy to switch between them. Users can follow jackpot trends and statistics and better predict when a jackpot might fall. The 24-hour alert system will notify players when jackpots have reached a certain amount to let them know when it could be a good time to start chasing that massive win.

“Statistics was something customers really wanted and it was something nobody else was offering. We really wanted to come up with an app that would actually be helpful,” Smith said.

This is the second year in a row that Betsson are rewarded at the IGA in the app category. In 2015 the company snagged the coveted Best Sports Betting App of the Year.