Liverpool Crowned Premier League Champions

Liverpool’s 30-year wait to win the Premier League is over after Manchester City were defeated 2-1 at Chelsea. This confirmed that Liverpool are the crowned champions.

Jurgen Klopp’s team needed one victory to have the league in their hands, but Manchester City’s inability to win meant that they cannot be caught.

For the Reds, this is the 19th time the title is in their hands since 1989-1990.

The Fans of the club were in full commotion after thousands went out to celebrate this long-awaited victory, despite being urged to remain at home.


Thirty Years in the Making

This newly acquired title is a huge deal for the Liverpool fans, who had gotten use to the triumph of their club during the 1970s and the 1980s, along with a run between 1972-1973 and the seasons between 1990-1991 during which they weren’t able to finish in first or second place in the league only once.

Although this is the first time they won again the Premier League title in thirty years, this is not their first victory of the past three decades. Liverpool have won three FA cups, four League Cups, bagged a UEFA Cup and twice won the Champions League. Their last win of the latter league came only last season under Klopp. They also managed to make their name with three Super Cups as well as one Club World Cup.

Ever since they were led to the First Division Championship under Kenny Daglish, however, they experienced thirty years without any triumph in the League. During this time, their record count of titles was taken over by Manchester United, who hold twenty to their name.

During the last season, Liverpool managed to stack up on an incredible 97 points, with only one defeat in all of the campaign. Yet, they were unlucky to have been put against a stronger Manchester City, who got to the title before them by only one point. No club has ever been able to obtain so many points without winning the league.

The Arrival of Klopp

When Klopp got appointed to Liverpool in October of 2015, things started to turn around as the club started paving their way to success.

Klopp joined Liverpool with an impressive resume following his time with Borussia Dortmund whom he led towards two titles and the final of the 2013 Champions League.

Liverpool has not only seen better developments and advancements in their style of playing, but also producing better results starting from position twice at fourth place, then second, and now first.

The team’s percentage of game wins reached a stunning 60% and over, since his arrival.

What’s to Come

There are still seven games left in the Premier League, and there are still records that can be broken during this season. One of which is the success of Manchester City who are currently the only team to have acquired well over 100 points in one league.