What Will The Premier League Return Look Like?

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On Monday, March 9, Aston Villa were defeated by Leicester City in a 4-0 game that turned out to be the last game of the 2019-20 Premier League season. After the championship was cut short, the Premier League is now ready to return Wednesday June 17 with Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United and Manchester City vs. Arsenal to bring them in line with the rest of the league. The full fixtures are set to be played during the weekend of June 19- 21.

With 92 remaining matches, these will be played in empty stadiums similarly to how the German Bundesliga has been organising its matches ever since returning to the field a few weeks ago. The pieces of how the League will finish off are still coming together, but it looks like the victory of Liverpool is imminent. Their quest to be the champions continues with just two wins away from securing the title. The teams in the last six places will look to battle relegation.

Although subject to change, the league is aiming to finish on August 1 to allow the FA Cup final to take place. The semi finals are scheduled for July 18 -19. The FA Cup quarterfinals are set to take place during the weekend of June 27.

New Substitute Rule

Apart from the obvious fact that there will be no fans in the stadium, the matches will remain largely the same. However, we should expect more substitutions to take place due to the five-substitute rule as opposed to the three substitutions allowed prior.

Moreover, there has also been an increase in the maximum number of substitutes allowed to sit on the bench, changing from seven to now nine.  

This new rule was introduced in order to minimize the risk of injury in players. With the players’ welfare in mind, this rule came to its fruition following the three-month break that all competitions had to go through. Although players never stopped with their individual training, the fact that they need to play a lot of games in a short period of time following the lay-off could prove to be risky.

End of Home Advantage

The German Bundesliga has been the talk of the town being the first championship to return after sports events came to an abrupt break. Yet, the German games are also acting as an exhibit of what happens when fans do not fill the stadium during a heated game.

The discussion that crowds make a good ingredient in the recipe for success has been proven true for the Bundesliga as home teams have only won 19% of the games played in the empty stadiums of Germany.

In fact, there have only been fives home wins in 27 of the games played, which is an indication of the advantage home game games have. It also highlights what a key component to home advantage fans are when they overlook a game from the stands.

For the Premier League, this seems to suggest that the teams that are battling relegation might have a hard time and could be standing to lose most of the matches, but we need to wait and see how the championship unfolds.

June Fixtures

Wednesday, June 17 

  • Aston Villa vs Sheffield United
  • Manchester City vs Arsenal

Friday, June 19 

  • Norwich City vs Southampton 
  • Tottenham vs Manchester United

Saturday, June 20 

  • Watford vs Leicester City
  • Brighton vs Arsenal 
  • West Ham vs Wolves
  • Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace

Sunday, June 21 

  • Newcastle vs Sheffield United 
  • Aston Villa vs Chelsea 
  • Everton vs Liverpool 

Monday, June 22 

  • Manchester City vs Burnley 

Tuesday, June 23 

  • Southampton vs Arsenal 
  • Tottenham vs West Ham 

Wednesday, June 24 

  • Manchester United vs Sheffield United 
  • Newcastle vs Aston Villa 
  • Norwich City vs Everton
  • Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Thursday, June 25 

  • Burnley vs Watford 
  • Leicester City vs Brighton 
  • Chelsea vs Manchester City 
  • Wolves vs Bournemouth 

Sunday, June 28 

  • Aston Villa vs Wolves 
  • Watford vs Southampton 

Monday, June 29

  • Crystal Palace vs Burnley

Tuesday, June 30 

  • Brighton vs Manchester United
  • Sheffield United vs Tottenham

Wednesday, July 1 

  • Bournemouth vs Newcastle 
  • Everton vs Leicester City 
  • West Ham United vs Chelsea 

Thursday, July 2 

  • Arsenal vs Norwich City
  • Manchester City vs Liverpool

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