All You Need To Know About The Euro 2020

The European 2020 will be entering new territory this year as it undergoes a couple of modifications from previous tournaments. Gone are the normal country-wide celebrations in a host nation, as this year, UEFA is spreading the festvities across a continent instead. 

A great way to bring nations together, the UEFA Euro 2020 is being held across the continent in 12 different countries in an attempt to bring the competing football teams closer to the fans. The expansion of this well-loved championship, as opposed to it being limited to only one or two host countries, is being done in celebration of the 60year mark since the inaugural tournament.

Euro 2020 Format

With the competition taking place across Europe, the format of the tournament has been modified. It will also feature 24 teams, for the second time in the European Football Championship history. This is also an expansion from the number of participants that participated in its predecessor Euro 2016. The format of the final round will be the same as that of Euro 2016, which means that there will be six groups made up of 4 teams.

No team will qualifiy automatically, but each member’s nation will have to work for their place in the finals. The six final tournament groups will produce two top teams which will then progress to the round of 16, together with the best third-place sides. 

Euro 2020 Final

As of now, the final of the Euro 2020 is scheduled for the 12th of July 2020. The venue will also host the two semi-final games.

The stadium was re-opened in 2007 after it underwent redevelopments, and has the seating capacity of 90,000. Considered by many as the home of football, the venue also hosted the FA Cup and League Cup finals, as well as the Community Shield. Before its redevelopments were put into action, in 1996 it staged the final of the European Championship. The original stadium was also the host of the final of the World Cup in 1966. 

Match Schedule

Here is the match schedule for the Group Stage of Euro 2020. Due to the current situation in Europe as well as in the rest of the World, the scheduled match dates might chage or get postponed. 

Friday 12 June

Saturday 13 June

Sunday 14 June

Monday 15 June

Tuesday 16 June

Wednesday 17 June

Thursday 18 June

Friday 19 June

Saturday 20 June

Sunday 21 June

Monday 22 June

Tuesday 23 June

Wednesday 24 June

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