Beach balls, moths and Pepe makes the games in Brazil even greater for Betsson players

A couple of beach balls were thrown onto the pitch in the game between Colombia and Ivory Coast and helped 82 Betsson players win more than 13 000 Euro. The beach ball bet was one of our special bets for the cup in Brazil, and we have also paid out for animals on the pitch (a moth) and for a headbutt (by Pepe – who else?). Two winners, in Norway and Sweden, tell the story of what made them place a bet on a beach ball.

Beach balls on the pitch are a modern classic. It started when Liverpool lost to Sunderland in 2010, due to a ball being thrown into the penalty area by a pudgy young boy. Darren Bent fired a shot, which hit the beach ball and surprised Pepe Reina – who passively watched both balls go in to the back of the net. Ironically, the young boy was a Liverpool supporter. We’re saying “was”, as he’s probably banned from Anfield after the incident.

Nils, 41, in Sweden had this exact Premier League incident in mind when he bet 10 EUR

However – he wasn’t aware that a beach ball actually made it onto the pitch in Brazil, nor that he had won – when we called him.

– God, that’s great! In which game was it? I was taking a look at your cup specials just for fun. When I saw the beach ball bet I recalled it had happened before, and figured there was a good chance for it to go through as there are more beach balls in Brazil than in the UK, Nils laughed – who was out BBQ’ing when we gave him a ring.

Beach balls with lesser impact on the final result

Nils cashed in 500 Euro on the beach ball, and planned to go out and celebrate and tell his friends all about it at work the day after. We do not know who threw the beach balls onto the pitch at the start of the game between Colombia and Ivory Coast, but the part they played wasn’t as vital for the outcome of the game as the British beach ball. Betsson players should send out their thanks though.

The best bets

Dennis, 26, lives in Oslo, Norway. He is new to Betsson and won around 800 EUR on the beach ball. He was cheering for Spain in the WC, but that did not last long. Now he is cheering for Brazil and Betsson instead.

– I joined the site only 10 days ago and chose the beach ball bet because it was the funniest I found. It is the first time I ever win on something like that – now I want more odds offers of that kind, he cheerfully passed on to our Sportsbook.

An animal invasion

Besides the beach ball we have also paid out for the WC-specials ”Will a player headbutt an opponent?” (maybe not surprising with Pepe in the tournament) and the more unexpected ”Will there be an animal pitch invasion during any match?”.

The cameraman happened to film a small moth during the match between Ivory Coast and Japan, and even if most people thought of cats, dogs or similar for this bet – there is no denying that a moth is still an animal. So we payed out for the animal invasion bet as well!