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Are you ready for the Davis Cup Final? The world’s premier international men’s team tennis tournament is due to take place at the Caja Mágica in Madrid, Spain between November 18 and 24. A best-of-three rubbers format, with a rubber in the Davis Cup referring to an individual match, will be employed to determine the winning country from each group.

Six groups consisting of three national teams each will take part in the Davis Cup Finals. Group A consists of Franc, Japan and Serbia, Group B of Croatia, Russia and Spain, Group C of Argentina, Chile and Germany, Group D of Belgium, Colombia and Australia, Group E of Kazakhstan and the Netherlands, and Group F of Italy, Canada and the United States.

The winning teams from each group will progress to the knockout stage, as will the best and second-best runners-up. The winners in the quarterfinals will go on to the semis before the two winning teams at that stage go on to the final on November 24. France, Croatia, Argentina and Belgium are the top four seeds in the competition, with Chile being seeded lowest. 

The Big Davis Cup Final Talking Point

One of the biggest talking points at this year’s Davis Cup Final is the change in its format. The last time the competition’s format changed was all the way back in 1981. The previous tiered system has been replaced, and the competition has been expanded from 16 to 18 national teams. In the past, the 16 best national teams would compete in the World Group, with other teams competing in regional groups.

What’s more is that all the final matches will take place at a single location, as opposed to multiple locations in the past. As part of the excitement ahead of the revamped Cup, we have created a comprehensive introduction and preview. 

In-depth Davis Cup Final Content

Regardless of whether you want to learn about the cup’s history or find out further details about the format change that has taken place ahead of this year’s edition, we have you covered. There’s even a comprehensive piece on how to predict this year’s Davis Cup Winner, which includes looking back at the record books to find the most successful nations before and after 1972, a look at Junior Davis Cup champions who went on to win the Davis Cup, and individual records of player performances.

Delving into even further detail, we also consider players’ suitability to the surface type being used this year, which is hard indoor and look at which teams will have an advantage as a result. Further details include an exploration of whether Grand Slam successes do or do not equate to Davis Cup histories, referencing past editions. 

Davis Cup Final Table of Contents

1. Davis Cup History and Introduction  to the 2019 Tournament

2. How to Predict the Davis Cup Winner

3.0 The Groups

The way the groups have come together for the Davis Cup Final is going to make for some truly thrilling tennis matches. In our group-by-group previews, we take a look at who’s hot and who’s not, as well as give you our insights to make an informed decision before you place any wagers on the team of your choice: 

3.1 Group A: France, Japan Serbia 

3.2 ​Group B: Croatia, Russia, Spain 

3.3​ Group C: Argentina, Chile, Germany 

3.4 ​Group D: Australia, Belgium, Colombia

3.5​ Group E: Kazakhstan, Netherlands 

3.6 ​Group F: Canada, Italy, United States

4: Knockout Stages Betting Preview

5. Davis Cup Quarter Final Predictions