Who will win the Eurovision Contest?

The 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is gearing up a lot of excitement as the final night on Saturday is approaching. Like every other year, the contest starts a lot of debates amongst fans who have different favourites and opposing opinions. Similarly, the odds on this famous event have been through a fluctuating journey, but Italy France and Malta are now consolidating their top positions.

Betsson is offering Eurovision odds, and the bookmakers show that Italy was the favourite even before the semi-finals and maintains its low odds of winning. The 90s-scented rock song Zitti E Buoni by Måneskin gives 3.60 times the win, France’s “Voilá” 4.00 and Malta’s famous contribution is at odds of 7.00.

The top 5 most likely to win according to the odds

Måneskin have been slowly making their way to the top ever since rehearsals started, with the band finally hitting the first spot just before the first semi-final. It looks like the momentum has very much swung in their favour, as their odds now stand at 3.50. Their performance has also notched up over a million views on YouTube.

Following Italy in second and third place consecutively, stand France and Malta. The latter’s singer, Destiny, gained popularity and was most likely to win from her song release, but has since slipped down on the odds since rehearsals. Yet, after her performance on Tuesday, she climbed back to third place at 7.00 odds, and briefly ended up at second place of the acts most likely to win.  

France’s Barbara Pravi has been climbing up the odds list throughout rehearsals, and this trend is continuing as she now stands with odds of 4.00, especially following her preview during the second semi-final.

In forth place is Switzerland. Gjon’s Tears has been lurking in the top three spots prior to the rehearsals but has found himself with odds lengthened since then. The contestant now stands at around 8.00.

Easily the biggest mover from the first semi-final is Ukraine. The two-time winner generated negative opinions from viewers and was even predicted to be cut off at the semi-final. Yet, the group’s energetic stage performances since rehearsals have since caused a wave of positivity and increasing fans. Coming from obscurity, they now sit at fifth place on the odds, at around 9.00.

Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Odds

Italy (3.50)
France (4.00)
Malta (7.00)
Switzerland (10.00)
Ukraine (11.00)
Iceland (13.00)
Finland (15.00)
Portugal (40.00)
Bulgaria (50.00)
Cyprus (50.00)
San Marino (50.00)
Lithuania (65.00)
Sweden (65.00)

There are a lot of other contestants and songs which also got some noticeable attention from fans.

The interest in the Eurovision Contest spikes up every year it is here, but when it comes to odds, people play more with their hearts when it comes to this beloved event.

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