NetEnt is taking it back to the arcade times in its new ‘slot meets video game’ release ‘Street fighter II: The World Warrior’. A classic to many video game lovers out there, the 1991 video game has been reinvented into a slot that is already the talk of the year with many slot players.

NetEnt have really tried to make this new release as interactive as its original counterpart, giving the players the option to choose which Street Fighter character will represent them on the reels. Once you choose your character, you’ll be ready to battle your way at becoming the street champion in this homage to arcade games.

Symbols and Mechanics

This game uses a 5×5 reel structure with a cluster pay system. It uses an avalanche mechanic which makes the symbols disappear once a winning combination is achieved. These symbols are then replaced by symbols falling down from the top. With a new winning combination, the avalanche mechanic is repeated. New avalanches continue till no further winning combinations are available and a new spin starts.

Once you choose your fighter, it’s time to take it to the streets and start the battle. To get to the first 4 bosses you only need to win one regular fight.

NetEnt really made this game as close to its original in bringing back the classic characters with their own strengths and weaknesses just like in a video game. Each of the original 8 characters comes with his own set of wild modifiers. Choose your warrior wisely, as the RTP and volatility is different for all characters, and you’ll have to commit to battling with him/her till you win or get defeated.

  • Ryu – 3 wild symbols on the same row
  • Ken – 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same row
  • E. Honda – 3 wild symbols on the same reel
  • Blanka – 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same reel
  • Guile – 2 wild symbols on 2 vertical stacks
  • Zangief – 2 wild symbols on 2 horizontal stacks
  • Chun-Li – 2 or 7 wild symbols which are randomly placed
  • Dhalsim – 3 or 4 wild symbols which are randomly placed 

There are 4 high value symbols for each warrior, 2 victory versions and 2 defeat symbols per fighter. If your warrior appears in a cluster of 16 or more, these symbols will be worth up to 30x your stake.

Bonus Features and Free Spins

The fight ends once your character runs out of health. If you get defeated, the Car Smash Bonus is activated which could land you a win of 15x your stake. On the other hand, if you win you will activate the Beat the Boss Free Spins round in which you can try to take over 4 bosses with multipliers at hand.

  • Balrog – 2x multiplier
  • Vega – 3x multiplier
  • Sagat – 5x multiplier
  • M. Bison – 10x multiplier

Beating them all gives you an extra bonus win worth 100x your stake. If you get defeated by a boss you will be taken back to the base game or given the option to the restart the fight against the same boss with the Insert Coin Gamble feature.


Featuring the original characters, graphics and sound, this slot really embodies the classic feel of the arcade game for a pure nostalgic pleasure that will take you back down memory lane.

Now that you’re all tuned in on what’s in store for you with this game, are you ready to take it on a spin?

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