A 150,000x win on San Quentin xWays

One lucky Betsson player hit an impressive win of $90,0000 on No Limit City’s San Quentin xWays earlier this week. 

We sat down with the winner to chat about this big win, what drew him to this video slot and what he has planned for his winnings.

Released earlier this year by Malta-based casino software provider No Limit City, San Quentin xWays has been an instant-hit among players. With many bonus features and a winning potential of 150,000x your bet, it’s easy to see what drew players in. One of our lucky players realised the video slot’s top win on a bet of $0.60.

This wasn’t the player’s first time taking a spin on No Limit City’s action-packed, prison-inspired video slot. He shared,

I’ve played it many times because I enjoy the layout but I hadn’t hit many big wins before. It’s the excitement of the game that drew me in. It’s well put together and has decent payouts most of the time.”

Watch the exciting replay

The winning Lockdown Spins

Betting $0.60, the player entered the Lockdown Spins bonus game with 14 spins and a winning potential up to 150,000x. Spin 14 resulted in a win of $25.08, spin 9 saw this increase to the triple digits for a win of around $388 but by wins continued to increase, reaching $2155.20 at the halfway mark with multipliers increasing as the final spins approached $71,200+ on the second to last spin.

“The feeling of winning was amazing. The bonus didn’t start off fantastic but towards the end the multipliers really paid off! This is a once in a lifetime win so I feel great. I haven’t heard of any other players reaching the 150,000x win. I might be the first person to do so!

As for plans for his winnings, our players said he not certain yet and that’s fine, there’s plenty of time for that!

About San Quentin xWays

Released in early 2021, San Quentin xWays by No Limit City is for those who dare to go behind the iron bars of this maximum-security facility that features plenty of bonus games. There are locked Enhancer Cell positions on the top and bottom of each reel for more winning potential, 1+ bonus symbols that open the Enhancer Cell and 3+ bonus symbols to enter Lockdown Spins where random convict premium symbols apply an additional multiplier up to 150,000x.