Roulette Odds Explained

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Roulette odds have captivated countless casino players on their journey to mastering the classic red and black wheel.

Whether you choose to play a random number generated (RNG) version or a live dealer game, understanding your bet’s likelihood of winning or losing, and what you’ll gain or forgo as a result, is the basis of playing this table game well.

A definitive understanding of how roulette odds work and how they’re calculated is the only way to do that.

What you’ll find in this article

  • What are roulette odds and payouts?
  • Roulette odds and payouts tables
  • European roulette
  • French roulette
  • American roulette
  • How to calculate roulette odds
  • Roulette house edge and probabilities
  • Play online roulette today
  • European Roulette – NetEnt
  • Lightning Roulette – Evolution Gaming
  • Live Foxwoods Roulette – Authentic Gaming
  • Roulette odds FAQ

What are roulette odds and payouts?

Roulette betting odds can be defined in two ways – either as table odds or payout odds.

The former refers to the possibility of a given outcome while the latter considers the expected return of a win, once the house edge has been factored in. In practical terms, the table odds of a bet on an individual number (called a straight up bet) on a European roulette wheel are 36 to one while its payout odds are actually 35:1. You just need to be aware of this difference for now, but you’ll find a more detailed explanation further down.

Given that you can bet on roulette in multiple ways, you’ll find this information listed in roulette odds tables for each variant of the game next. Take your time to become familiar with each one ahead of placing your next bet.

Remember that while some people might try to convince you that the European variant has the best roulette odds and certain bets offer you the chance at a decent win, there aren’t any guarantees so playing within your means should remain your primary focus. That being said, let’s take a look at the odds of winning roulette.

Roulette odds and payouts tables

European roulette

Bet TypeBet TypeProbabilityPayout OddsHouse Edge
Outside betsEven48.6%1:12.7%
Inside betsStraight-up2.7%35:12.7%
Six Line16.2%5:12.7%

French roulette

Bet TypeBet TypeProbabilityPayout OddsHouse Edge
Outside betsEven48.6%1:11.35%
Inside betsStraight-up2.7%35:11.35%
Six Line16.2%5:11.35%

American roulette

Bet TypeBet TypeProbabilityPayout OddsHouse Edge
Outside betsEven46.37%1:15.26%
Inside betsStraight-up2.63%35:15.26%
Six Line15.79%5:15.26%

How to calculate roulette odds

While you’ll find all the information you need to play within any game’s interface, knowing how to calculate roulette odds yourself is still advantageous. What’s better is it’s simple to do too.

In the case of European roulette, you can work this out by dividing the number 36 by the total number of squares on the table that your bet covers. Then, subtract one from that result to get the payout rate of the bet. There’s no need for a roulette odds calculator.

Consider this practical example. If you wanted to place a straight-up bet, you’ll only cover a single number, so divide 36 by 1 to get 36. Then you subtract 1 to get 35 for a payout rate of 35:1. That means that if you bet €10 on a straight-up bet, your winnings will amount to €350.

Roulette house edge and probabilities

A key aspect to understand when considering odds is the roulette house edge.

In short, the house edge is the mathematical edge advantage that a casino has over a player expressed as the percentage of each bet that the casino expects to keep on average, over the long run.

Naturally, the house edge differs between the European single-zero wheel version – 2.7% – and the American double-zero wheel version – 5.26%. In practice, that means that for every 100 units wagered on the former, a player stands to lose 2.7 units while in the latter he or she stands to lose 5.26 units.

But how does this translate when you’re actually playing the game? In keeping with the European roulette example, there are 37 numbers, one through 36 and a single 0 on this wheel so the probability of a hit is one in 37. The actual roulette odds are therefore 36 to one as the casino shorts you one unit so as to make some money off the game and, thus, continue to supply it.

If you divide that one by 37 and then multiply your answer by 100, you’ll obtain the house edge for single-zero wheels of 2.70%.

Play online roulette today

Why not take your new-found understanding of roulette odds to the tables?

At Betsson, you’ll find over 25 roulette table games and live roulette titles including classic style and cutting-edge releases to choose from. Here are two of our favourites:

European Roulette – NetEnt

European Roulette by NetEnt is true to the original version of the little wheel.  

This classic table game has an RTP of 97.30% and is based on a RNG and therefore allows for both real money and free practice play. You’re also in complete control of the speed of the game. You can take time in choosing your bets – either inside, outside or racetrack bets – with the option to reference the game’s hot and cold numbers. It’s for these reasons that the game is an ideal starting point if you’re new to roulette.

Lightning Roulette – Evolution Gaming

Released in 2018, Lightning Roulette is Evolution Gaming’s first title in its Lightning series. It’s a live casino game that mostly plays in the same way as the typical one except for one major add-on.

Once the game’s betting time closes, between one and five Lucky Numbers with Lucky Payouts are selected at random via a RNG. The ball is then spun around the track by an auto roulette wheel mechanism and eventually comes to rest on one of the numbered pockets on the track. If you placed a straight up bet on one of the Lucky Numbers you can win up to 500x your bet, otherwise standard wagers are paid out as normal.

Roulette odds FAQ

What is the highest roulette odds probability?

Outside bets offer the highest odds. On the European layouts it’s 48.6% while on the American layout it’s 47.40%. With these roulette betting odds, your chance to hit a win is almost 50:50.

How do I get the best online roulette odds and payouts?

Keep in mind that roulette odds will vary according to the bet you place. In European roulette, the highest payout odds are 35:1 while the lowest are 1:1 as shown in the tables above. In general, your odds to win on a European table are higher than on the American one, so choose the former if you’re looking to get the best odds.

What are the odds to win every time at online roulette?

The likelihood of winning every round of roulette isn’t very high. You can increase your winning potential by placing bets that cover multiple areas of the betting layout, though know that the payouts on these types of bets are lower.

What are the odds when playing with a roulette strategy?

The odds of the game do not change according to the betting system you choose to adopt. So rather than searching for the best way to play, focus on sticking to your gambling budget and enjoying your time at the table.