What are the Best Superhero Slots of 2020?

From films and TV shows to toys and video games, superheroes are simply everywhere at the moment.

The colourful characters and the comic books that they emerged from have been loved by a great number of people through the years, but many of them have only hit mainstream popular culture in more recent times thanks to the release of a string of hugely successful Hollywood blockbusters.

Now, many superheroes are household names and fans simply cannot get enough of seeing them in action on the big screen, in books and much more. Fortunately for them, this means many superhero-themed online casino slots are now available at sites including Betsson. Here is our rundown of the top ten superhero slots you should experience in the months ahead.

Betsson’s Top 10 Superhero Slots of 2020

Super Heroes

Yggdrasil is behind the exciting Super Heroes slot game which offers everything that the title promises. The casino slot features a team of heroes who appear on-screen to battle the villains and help you as you play. Each of the heroes has different special powers, so that means a range of potential prizes are on offer.

The Mask

The Mask started life as a popular comic book series published by Dark Horse before it became a big-screen blockbuster starring Jim Carrey in 1994. It is the latter which is celebrated in NextGen Gaming’s casino slot game The Mask based on the character. The title features a range of imagery from the film, including pictures of Carrey and his co-star Cameron Diaz.

Legend of Loki

Loki may be a god in Norse mythology, but the character’s role in some of the biggest superhero blockbusters of recent times has made him a pop culture icon. iSoftBet is behind this superhero slot game Legend of Loki, based around the mythical trickster, which features a range of iconography synonymous with his ancient roots.


The Thunderstruck casino slot also takes plenty of inspiration from Norse mythology, with a specific focus on the God of Thunder himself – Thor. The casino slot game from Microgaming has been a big hit with online casino players through the years and has even spawned a sequel too. Thunderstruck II is also available to play at Betsson.

King of the Trident

DC’s recent blockbuster Aquaman has put a spotlight on some of the myths and legends that exist around our seas and this is a theme which is also taken on by the King of the Trident online casino slot. The game from Pariplay features 972 ways to win and includes a range of different underwater imagery.


Mike Mignola’s creation has become one of the comic book universe’s best-loved characters. The half-demon summoned to Earth by the Nazis has enjoyed plenty of success in video gaming and on the big screen, but his adventures have also been transformed into the casino slot Hellboy too. This creation from Microgaming is a stylish title which features a range of characters.

Ragnarok: Fall of Odin

We’re back in the realms of Norse mythology with Ragnarok: Fall of Odin slot. The casino slot was developed by Genesis Gaming and sees the likes of Odin and Thor do battle against some of their most terrifying enemies. Players have to collect magic runes in order to unlock the battles and win big prizes.

Max Damage: Alien Attack

Max Damage may not be based on a specific comic book or superhero, but its style and gameplay related to tackling an alien invasion evoke classic characters like Flash Gordon. Created by Microgaming, the casino slot Max Damage: Alien Attack, involves players destroying alien ships in order to win prizes.

The Guardians

There may be another famous superhero team which refer to themselves in that way, but The Guardians casino slot is more of a fantasy-themed experience than anything to do with outer space. The game features a host of exotic imagery which is likely to be popular with many different players.

Why Are Superheroes So Popular?

So while all of the above proves there are clearly plenty of superhero-themed slot machines to enjoy at the moment, what is it that makes these types of characters so popular?

The adventures of such heroes clearly offer escapism from the everyday world, while there is certainly something to be said about seeing such champions defeat evil enemies against all of the odds.

However, one other element which is sure to have had an impact is that they are also often relatable. As the BBC explained following the death of Marvel’s Stan Lee, he was famous for creating flawed heroes like the Fantastic Four. In his own words, he described them as “heroes who were less than perfect”.

What Other Superhero Slots Should I Try?

The superhero games we have listed are just a handful of the comic-book themed casino slots out there. So many incredible superheroes have been created through the years and many of them have gone on to inspire or influence the world of casino slots too. There are so many different gaming styles to experience, so open an account with us and get started with your own superhero slots journey.