Boca Juniors Celebrate 119 Years with New Shirt

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As part of Boca Juniors’ 119th birthday celebration, the club is releasing a new shirt; one that showcases their long history and ties to Sweden. The new jersey, with a Swedish flag as its inspiration, pays homage to the roots that bind the two countries together.

Founded in 1905, Boca had a name, a pitch to play on and a handful of Italian immigrants who supported them with heart and soul, but there was one thing they were missing; colours to call their own. So, on April 3rd, 1907, over 100 years ago, Esteban Baglietto, Santiago Pedro Sana, Alfredo Scarpati and the brothers Juan and Teodoro Farenga, founders of the Juniors, headed down to the port of Buenos Aires.

After a series of simple handsewn jersey designs, from black stripes to sky blue, they decided that the flag of the next arriving ship would be their club’s official colours. The first ship that sailed into the port of Buenos Aires came from Sweden, and then and there it was decided that the team’s colours would be blue and yellow. From then on, the Argentinian football club and its fans have always donned the blue and golden yellow mix that fans have grown so attached to over years.

Jesper Svensson, CEO of Betsson Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, ” We take great pride in our Swedish heritage, as well as our partnership with Boca Juniors through our shared blue and yellow colours and mutual love for football, this initiative strengthens our bond. As committed sponsors, we’re excited to spark passion among fans and players with our new jersey, reminding us of our shared history and values.”

The new shirt will be part of Boca Juniors’ third kit, and was officially unveiled 3rd April, 116 years to date after the club’s colours were first decided. The team will don the shirt for their match on the 6th of April when they meet Newell’s Old Boys in the penultimate round of the League Cup.