Biden Back on Joint Top 

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Image: TT

According to the latest election odds from our bookmakers, Trump is no longer the favourite to win the upcoming United States presidential election. Currently, both Trump and Biden have identical odds – a first in over a year. 

With less than seven months remaining until the US presidential election, Biden finds himself once again vying for the top spot in the odds. The gap between Trump and Biden has gradually narrowed in recent weeks, with both candidates now offering identical odds—2.1 times the money. 

The Arizona Supreme Court decision on reproductive rights is widely viewed as favouring the Democrats and the president, while Trump’s impending verdict looms ever closer. Analysts are closely examining how this may impact the crucial “swing states.” 

“Trump has historically been a more popular betting choice – not only in earlier elections but also in the last few months, interest in Biden has been at an all-time low. However, there’s been a shift—now we’re seeing increased interest on Biden, which, combined with new polling data, is influencing the odds,” explains Robin Olenius, Head of PR at Betsson.

US Presidential Election 2024: 
Donald Trump: 2.10 
Joe Biden: 2.10 

Last updated: 17.04.2024