Viking Runecraft slot review

Viking Runecraft is an exciting new slot machine from Play N Go themed on the legend of the Viking warriors. This game sees players match patterns to climb the levels towards the Level of the Gods! There are many lucrative features, including cascading reels, where the symbols drop down from above and any winning combinations disappear to be replaced by a new set of symbols – and more potential wins!

The symbols are laid out on a 7×7 grid and players need to find at least 5 matching symbols touching vertically or horizontally to receive a payout. You will reach a new level in the game every time you clear a pattern, meeting another of the gods with special powers. Collect rune stones and you could trigger the Valhalla bonus game. Plus, if you win on 20 symbols you will activate the Charge of Destruction to enjoy extra features! 

Background and betting

The design of this slot is innovative in that it is laid out over a 7×7 grid system with patterns to match instead of the usual reels and paylines. The symbols in the game include traditional Viking motifs and weapons, such as the Viking hammer, helmet, axe and a precious amulet. There are also a series of rune stones which award the lower payouts, while the gods each have their own golden symbol.

To the side of the grid stands one of the gods from the game: Thor, Odin, Freya or Heimdall. You will meet a new god on each level of the game, who each triggers different features! It is easy to change your bet when playing Viking Runecraft by moving up or down through the coins on the sliding meter.The minimum bet is 0.10 and the maximum bet if 100 per spin, while other betting options include an autoplay feature, which allows you to play up to 50 spins automatically.

Play Viking Runecraft in Betsson’s mobile casino

Players at Betsson can play Viking Runecraft slot in the mobile casino as well as the desktop casino. Betsson Mobile Casino offers players all the fun of the desktop casino at the touch of a button! Play your favourite slots on tablet or mobile for a fully responsive gaming experience, with top quality graphics and sound quality. Viking Runecraft can be played now on Android, iOS and Windows devices in the Betsson Mobile Casino.

The powerful Charge of Destruction feature

Viking Runecraft features the exciting Charge of Destruction feature. Whenever you win a pattern of symbols, you charge up the meter to the left of the screen. After 20 winning patterns, the charge meter is fully charged and you will activate one of 4 special features: Fury of Fenrir, Judgement of Jormungandr, Scorching of Surtr or Lure of Loki.

Fury of Fenrir selects 4 diagonal lines of symbols – 2 are removed and 2 are transformed to the same symbol. Judgement of Jormungandr selects a chain of symbols, destroys some of them and transforms others to the same symbol. Scorching of Surtr selects 3 different symbols, destroys surrounding symbols and duplicates the remainder. Lure of Loki selects all of 2 different symbols, destroying one group and transforming the others to the same symbol.

The even more powerful Ragnarök feature

If you charge the Charge of Destruction a second time after triggering one the features, you will trigger the Ragnarök Free Spin round. Alternatively, double charge the meter initially with 40 symbols to enter the round directly. During this round, each of the charges of destruction activates one by one. Each winning pattern adds to the End of the World Bonus Meter, letting you increase your multiplier with every win, giving up to 15x multipliers!

Thousands of levels with rune bonus on each

Whenever you clear a pattern playing Viking Runecraft you will reach a new level in the game. Each new level blesses you with the presence of one of the gods: Thor, Odin, Freya or Heimdall. On each level you can also collect colourful rune stones for the chance to trigger the Rules of Valhalla bonus game! The rune stones can activate winning spaces on the bonus wheel and you can win these bonus rewards by spinning the wheel. The bonus grows by 12% of the symbol win amounts.

Plenty of wilds with the Gift of Gods feature

Each of the gods in Viking Runecraft has a different power. You can enjoy their magical features when you are blessed with their presence as you enter each new level in the game. 

Thor can strike lightning to create up to 9 new wilds, Odin creates 4 new wilds in groups of two, Freya uses a light to create wild symbols in 4 clusters until at least one win is achieved, while Heimdall awards one wild symbol on each row. These features allow you to enjoy many more wild winning combinations.

A masterpiece not to miss out on!

Viking Runecraft slot is a thrilling slot with a mythical theme, inviting players to enjoy the power of the Viking gods! The excellent graphics bring the theme to life, while the dramatic sound effects also add greatly to the atmosphere. 

There are many different ways to win in this slot with so many special features, which will remind players of the fantastic Gemix slot. If you enjoy reading about Viking Runecraft, you are also sure to love our Vikings Go Berserk review, which explores another exciting Viking-themed game.