Aloha winner, you’re going to Hawaii!

It’s only one month until Jan from Göteborg celebrates his 40th birthday, and yet the celebrations for this special year started early – he just won the Aloha Summer Promotion trip to Hawaii!

Jan was definitely not expecting the email he received telling him he won a trip to Hawaii: “I thought that it was some scam but then I contacted the chat and when they told me I’ve won the trip, then I realized that this is real. I am turning 40 in one month and I couldn’t have got a better birthday present than this, it’s just insane.”

Do you blame him? Not even his little brother could believe it when Jan told him. Jan had to take a screen shot of the chat and send it to him as proof! Imagine how he felt when Jan told him he chose him as his travel companion for this trip.

This is the first time Jan’s traveling in 15 years – a much needed vacation – and his first time ever to Hawaii. Exciting!

Enjoy your birthday in Hawaii, Jan!

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