Betsson VIP Club

1. How do I become a member of the rewards program?

Welcome to the team, as soon as you created your Betsson account, you were automatically a member of our reward program, the Betsson VIP Club.

2. What is the difference between VIP points and Betsson points?

VIP points affect your VIP level – Bronze, Silver or Gold. VIP points earned also determine how many Betsson points you receive.

Betsson Points can be exchanged for cash!

3. How do I earn VIP points?

Every game you play using real money throughout Betsson earns you VIP points (status points). How many VIP points you earn in one month will determine your VIP level in the next: Bronze, Silver or Gold. You earn the same amount of VIP points no matter your level. Betsson Poker by Ipoker is not included in the Betsson VIP Club

4. What is a Betsson point and how do I earn this type of point?

Betsson points hold a monetary value and can be exchanged for cash. The more VIP points you earn and the higher your VIP level, the more Betsson points you will receive at the end of each month.

How it works

5. For how long will I be on a certain VIP level?

Your VIP level is determined at the start of every month from your gameplay in the previous month, and is valid until the last date of the same month.

If on April 1st, you reach a Silver level, based on VIP points collected in March, you will stay on the Silver level until the last day of April. The VIP points you then collect during the month of April will then determine your VIP level for the start of May.

6. How much time do I have to qualify for a higher VIP level?

All earned VIP points in one calendar month will determine your status level for the following month.

7. What’s the difference between the VIP levels?

The higher the VIP level, the greater the exchange rate you receive for your VIP points. The greater the exchange rate, the more Betsson points and the more cash you receive! Certain offers will also only be directed to higher VIP level customers.

8. For how long are my Betsson points valid?

Betsson points are valid for six months after the date they become available. For example, the Betsson points you earn in March become available on April 1st and are valid until September 30th. If you have not used them by then, they are no longer valid.

9. When can I start using my points?

Your VIP level will be calculated before 12:00 CET on the 1st of every month and the VIP points earned during the previous month are converted into Betsson Points and added to your account.

10. How can I use my earned Betsson points?

VIP points exchanged into Betsson points will be added to your Betsson account. You can then exchange your points for real cash.

11. Where do I check my current VIP level?

Log into your Betsson account and under “My Account”, find the latest VIP club information including level, points and exchange feature.

12. How do I exchange my Betsson points into real money?

Go to “My Account”, choose “Betsson VIP Club” and select “Exchange Points”. Enter the number of points you wish to exchange for cash and select ‘exchange’. Your Betsson points will be exchanged for cash and added to your Betsson account immediately.100 points is the minimum amount you can exchange. And remember, 100 points is equal to €1 however if you make it to the Gold level you will enjoy a greater return when you exchange points. €4 for every 100 VIP points.

13. Can I use my Betsson points to gamble?

Yes, by exchanging your available Betsson points for cash you can start gambling straight away!

14. How often are my VIP points and Betsson points updated?

Your VIP points will be updated almost instantly. If you exchange Betsson points the transaction will show in your transaction history at once.

15. How much are my Betsson points worth in real money?

100 Betsson points will give you €1.

16. Can I give my points to someone else?

No, both VIP points and Betsson points are yours and yours alone.